"Pulling Mussels (From a Shell)" // Squeeze

live on Saturday Night Live, 11/20/82

Squeeze were the musical guests on the infamous “Keep/Dump Andy Kaufman” episode, with Drew Barrymore as the host. I actually signed up for Hulu Plus trial just to watch their performances, (they also did “Annie Get Your Gun”) but no one told me that Hulu doesn’t have the rights to those. So I took this screencap instead, in which you can see Chris, Glenn and Gilson in the background.


And then I cancelled my subscription.

The mp3 is from when Limewire was still a thing. :(

Loud. Nasty. Badass.

Squeeze is a killer group, and I’ll fight send youtube videos and bootlegs to anyone who thinks otherwise.

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Squeeze - Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)

Saw these guys with Fountains of Wayne opening at the Beacon Theatre in New York a few years ago. Shortly after Stacy’s Mom took over the world, I think. It was pretty awesome.

I loves me some Squeeze.

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