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MGB GT dreams of
running with big dogs

Aww, little guy.


what’s under heeere? #cars #antique #MG

Loooooks like a TD! Super cool!



Sunset Blvd. - Los Angeles, 1967

Very cool!

This isn’t the MG B-GT you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.

(Distant) Future plans.

So I know I’m a little late to the party here, but why did a perfectly good MG B have to lose its life in the first season of Arrested Development?

An MG-B in its natural habitat.

The side of a highway.

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Booker T & The M.G.s - Green Onions

Also from the 1966 Stax European Tour.


I want to thank my fans for bumping us back to the top of the directory today, so here’s a great shot of the 1967 Daytona 24-hour endurance race rolling start.


Best picture on tumblr in ages? You bet. Wowsers.

1967 was the year the Ferraris stuck it in the face of the Ford team, crossing the finish line in formation and taking the top three spots, just as the GT-40’s had done at Le Mans the year before. The Chaparrals broke, and did not finish the race.

Starting quite a bit further back, in the GT section of the grid were a number of other interesting cars: several MGBs and MGB-GTs, a pair of Volvo 122s as well as a P1800, and a single Plymouth Barracuda.



VW brochures were always so classy…

It seems like a First Car is actually sort of becoming a real possibility for me this summer. We’ve got my grandparents’ Hyundai sitting in the driveway back home, and my parents offered it to me to use this summer. And I was totally ok with that, because just having a car of my own would be totally cool and unusual for me. But as of about a week or two ago I was talking to Dad and he suggested that while any car is cool, the Hyundai is lacking in actual cool. He suggested, completely on his own, that perhaps the Hyundai could be foisted upon some unsuspecting boring person, and the cash put towards something with balls.

I immediately thought of the MGB-GT or Triumph GT-6 or old Mini that I’ve been dreaming about for years, but then he reminded me that I’d actually have to get places… And not just sit in the driveway in a puddle of oil making engine noises.

That said, if anyone has any leads on an early Golf GTi or something else smallish, reasonably quick, cheap, and full of character, I’d be glad to entertain suggestions.

Send them here!


The Ferrari that Ferris Bueller took for a joyride will be going up for auction in London on April 19, but the grown-up Ferris — Matthew Broderick, that is — will not be bidding. “I don’t think I would do that,” Broderick told us at the opening night of The Addams Family, which stars his friend and Producers co-star Nathan Lane. The car on auction is not a real Ferrari, he noted, but a replica, reportedly a modified MG. “It was a kit car. We had a real Ferrari that we looked at in the garage, but when we drove, it was not real, and that’s what this is,” Broderick explained. (You can read more about this, if you care to, here.) The 1986 teen-comedy classic may have made him a star, but Broderick is putting sentimentality aside. “My memory of that car is that it often didn’t start. That’s all I remember,” he said of the auto, which is estimated to fetch $45,000 to $60,000 at auction. Then he grimaced: “Which I probably shouldn’t say; I don’t want to bring the price down. But, uh, it was unreliable, that car.”

I had heard that this was the case a few years ago, but didn’t want to believe it. Kind of a bummer.


Hey Ya by Booker T. Jones
originally by Outkast
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From the man behind the band that brought you “Green Onions” way back in 1962. Booker T has been playing with the Drive By truckers recently, as well as with his own band, but I don’t know who he was with for this one. Regardless, whoever it is rocks. Great cover.

EDIT: So apparently The Drive By Truckers as well as Neil Young (of all people) are the backing band for not just this tune, but the whole Potato Hole album. And that is pretty awesome.