Driving Gods they may be, Domestic Gods not so much…

Heikki vs. Washing machine round 2:

I think this round definitely goes to the washing machine XDDDD

Look! They might actually be real human beings! Amazing!

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While there’s no doubt it’s sad to see Volvo stop making the product that made them great, by no means is this the absolute death of the station wagon!

Cadillac just recently launched the (awesome) wagon variant of their CTS. Audi, Mercedes and BMW have wagon versions of their most successful sedans. Some would argue that the new Ford Explorer is more wagon-like than truckish. Could we count the Honda Accord Crosstour or Toyota Venza as wagons (albeit disgusting-looking ones)? Acura’s got a big ad push going for their new TSX wagon. Volkswagen still makes a Passat wagon.

I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of them right now. Point is, the wagon’s not dead!

Welp, now I know what Ralf Schumacher’s up to. And Tom Christensen when he’s not dominating at Le Mans.

Related: SPEED Channel is broadcasting DTM!!! From Zandvoort! They must have gotten my letter. Later, they’ve got FIA Touring cars on, and I just caught the last 15 minutes of British Touring Cars.

And then, way later this afternoon, Drag Boats. Drag. Boats. I just tried to convince mom that the drag boat drivers have to wear wigs and dresses. She didn’t buy it.

Photo Credit: Skiddmark