For most of the Seventies, the singer-songwriter sound embodied by James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Carole King and Crosby, Stills and Nash dominated the charts and the radio, luring thousands of bell-bottomed fans to concert halls. Those acts – as well as Warren Zevon, Linda Ronstadt and many more – relied on a small, rarified group of backup musicians to shape that tight, gently rocking sound. Anyone who geeked out on liner notes back then will recognize the most prominent names: guitarist Danny Kortchmar, drummer Russell Kunkel, bassist Leland Sklar and keyboardist Craig Doerge – known collectively as “the Section” – plus Waddy Wachtel and stringed-instrument wizard David Lindley.

It’s a really good day for Things on The Internet.

James Taylor - Fire & Rain

TSwift just tweeted (shut up) a video of James Taylor and her singing this somewhere, and I needed to cleanse the proverbial palette (not because I don’t love TSwift, but because she went all popstar on it and didn’t sing it straight). Also it’s a great song, and I’m jamming out in the production trailer to it (quietly).



James Taylor - Fire and Rain

I love this song.


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