“But the temptation for drivers is to simply zone out. So engineers have begun to design countermeasures. Mercedes, for example, requires two hands on the steering wheel at all times. “Everyone’s looking for ways to keep the driver engaged,” says Dan Flores, a spokesman for GM. “As the car gets more and more capable, we want the driver to maintain driving expertise.””

Inside Google’s Quest To Popularize Self-Driving Cars (via iamdanw)

Urgh. It’s almost as if Google is a company of engineers unrestrained by people who know something about people.

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I am the furthest thing from an expert, so Ben please correct me if my thinking is way off here, but what if instead of developing newer and ever more complicated countermeasures for the distracted driving problem, we dial it all back?

For example, what if engineers reinstated more direct steering feel so that cars don’t feel like they’re floating around on the road? So when your text gets in the way of paying attention, you really notice your car driving out of its lane and towards the guardrail? Do you think people would wake up then?

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Dude! Fosters? No. As we say here, that shit’s rank. Get yourself some James Boag, some Cascade Lager or some Coopers Pale for mainstream *real* Australian beer that doesn’t suck.

…Some what? Those things are not things here.

The point here, the joke, the humor captured in a moment, if you will, was that these two gentlemen were enjoying their pints at ten o’clock in the morning.

At the time, I had just gotten in to the city and was getting ready to begin my day. I didn’t stop to consider that they may have been just ending theirs at the time, but there you go.


Clam eats salt. Also, never eating a clam again. Gross.


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These are the bomb.

I don’t think a day goes by, especially whenever I see one in the wild, that I don’t regret my mom not getting one a decade ago. She had driven two generations of Integra before we found a used one of these. She’s always wanted a yellow car, too!

She did go for a Civic Si though, so I guess it could have been worse. But still. Come on, Mom.


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What are "stems" in the context of Ain't No Mountain High, etc?


"Stems" is ProTools-ese for "multitracks."

I think the story goes like this: ProTools worked out some sort of deal with a couple of record labels to get the stems from a few big songs to put on a couple of systems that were headed out to a trade show somewhere. They were going to demo the amazing power of ProTools with them. Once they got there and the systems were on the show floor though, some enterprising young soul took out his flash drive, copied the files, and put them online for the whole world to enjoy.

When the files are dropped into any multitrack program (in my case, Garageband…) you can manipulate each instrument track individually like this. Or like this.


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In late 70s/early 80s Ferrari's the driver's seat fuel cutoff is not an anti-theft device, it's (supposed to) cut the fuel off if the car flips over and prevent a fire. (Though I did learn this from PJ O'Rourke's "Ferrari Refutes the Decline of the West" so take it with a grain of salt.)


That’s brilliant, and I never would have thought of it that way. Way to go, Mr. Ferrari.

The question is, thirty-something years later, does it still work? I don’t want to be the one to find out!