45 years ago today two badass motherfuckers set this rickety looking thing down on the surface of the moon. 

Behold the Lunar Module (well, this is only the ascent stage but I’ll spare you the full lecture). The only manned spacecraft to ever land on anything that isn’t earth. Built with a singular purpose in mind - to bring people safely to the most hostile environment people have ever been to. 

6 years from design pitch to first flight, and though the development process had it’s problems this rickety looking spacecraft never had a single operational failure. 

Also it saved Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon that one time. 

Assembled in Bethpage, Long Island, no less!



On this day in 2013, astronaut Luca Parmitano took a space selfie to remember.

Space selfie game is the strongest selfie game.


Three words: Occupy Mars mug.

Bad. Ass.

Space pickup truck. (at Endeavour Space Shuttle Exhibit - California Science Center)


June 3, 1965 — Gemini 4 astronaut Ed White becomes the first American to go on a spacewalk. (NASA)

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I love that NASA is trying to get their shit together to send a probe to Europa. I love that there might be space fish there. I love that they’re calling the thing the “Europa Clipper" like a ship. I love everything about this plan.



New Stabilized footage from Apollo 16!

Clearly it was bumpy,..though you really should see the stabilized footage in entirety, it doesn’t even look real.

Here’s the stabilized: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cKpzp358F4
Here’s the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EliLP5uEYAU#t=51

LRV on the moon.

I am amazed at how similar the sounds of Apollo astronauts screwing around on the moon are to the sounds of my Texas buddies screwing around on four wheelers in their backyard.

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Things I learned today: There is art on the moon.

Fallen Astronaut is the name of the small metal sculpture you see above, created by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck. It was placed on the lunar surface by Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott, along with a plaque that Scott designed, to commemorate the fallen astronauts and cosmonauts whose sacrifice helped get Scott and his fellow Apollo…-atians(?) safely to the moon and back.

Of course it wasn’t without controversy. Corey S. Powell and Laurie Gwen Shapiro have the story at Slate.

What a fascinating story. The Apollo missions are a treasure trove of little odd nuggets of stories like this one. Who knew there was a sculpture on the moon? What else don’t we know?


Good morning! Perspective - a wee camera and microphone rode the Space Shuttle booster rocket. Glad I was inside.

Wow, you wanna know what “terror” and “eerie” actually sound like? Listen to the sounds the booster rocket makes as it hits the atmosphere on the way back down.

Best gif?
Best gif.

NASA just launched a rocket to the International Space Station.

What the hell have you done this morning?

Originally from a post made by Science Joe, who is great, here’s where I’m moving to next week. See those two spots directly to the left of the pepper? I’m living in the northern one (Nacogdoches), and working in the southern (Lufkin).

Here’s the rest of the lowdown from NASA:

One of the Expedition 36 crew members aboard the International Space Station, some 240 miles above Earth, used a 50mm lens to record this oblique nighttime image of a large part of the nation’s second largest state in area, including the four largest metropolitan areas in population. The extent of the metropolitan areas is easily visible at night due to city and highway lights.

The largest metro area, Dallas-Fort Worth, often referred to informally as the Metroplex, is the heavily cloud-covered area at the top center of the photo. Neighboring Oklahoma, on the north side of the Red River, less than 100 miles to the north of the Metroplex, appears to be experiencing thunderstorms. The Houston metropolitan area, including the coastal city of Galveston, is at lower right. To the east near the Texas border with Louisiana, the metropolitan area of Beaumont-Port Arthur appears as a smaller blotch of light, also hugging the coast of the Texas Gulf. Moving inland to the left side of the picture one can delineate the San Antonio metro area. The capital city of Austin can be seen to the northeast of San Antonio.