Ahahahahahaha. But really. Why didn’t the race promoters move the start up a few hours to get it out of the typhoon?

Oh my god, it really was two Honda V-6 engines welded together.

“During the Grand Prix weekend, the yacht owners are asked to push heir ships an additional fifteen feet out into the harbor, away from the road. I guess the organizers think it’d make a difference if a car went in the water.”
— Steve Matchett on NBC Sports during practice for the Monaco Grand Prix
Kinda bummed we left right after the race & missed the podium cowboy hats.

Grand Prix (dir. John Frankenheimer — 1966)

And the award for most badass gif of all time goes to…


Grand Prix (dir. John Frankenheimer — 1966)

And the award for most badass gif of all time goes to…


John Surtees makes a pass between two Fords and a Chevy driving his Lotus 18 up University Avenue heading towards the raceway for the 1960 U.S. Grand Prix.

Maurice Trintignant on Highway I-15 heading south coming out of Riverside on his way to the track in a Cooper T51.

Riverside Raceway was basically a new track, and had no garages in their paddock area as of yet. via

Can you imagine Felipe Massa or Jeson Button driving their cars to the track!? I knew this happened, but it just seems so out of place & outrageous in our (mostly) overly sterilized world of modern-day motorsport.


1968 Spa-Francorchamps
Lotus 49B
Graham Hill

Oh no, don’t mind me, cows. I’m just on the way to winning the 1968 World Championship.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hill’s race would come to a very premature finish here: his Lotus’ halfshaft would break on lap five.

Interestingly, weather reports on the day of the race say that it was overcast, but dry. However, when the length of the nearly nine mile long course is taken into account, it is possible that conditions varied along the track which would explain the clearly wet racing surface.


Ferrari Shell

I literally got up out of my seat and cheered the first time I saw this. And the second.

The third time, I just “WOO!!”-ed a lot. And turned the volume way up.

No CG, no fakery, no bullshit. These cars were on those roads, at those speeds, and what you see is what happened. There’s “making of” videos all over YouTube to prove it.

If this doesn’t make you really happy, I don’t know what will.