April 28, 1973

Think about rock and roll, from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from the years of roughly 1965 to 1977 with piano in them. The piano line from The Stones’ Monkey Man? Clapton’s Let It Rain? Every piano note on The Who’s first album My Generation? Quicksilver Messenger Service’s Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder? The Airplane at Woodstock? Volunteers?

I could go on. The list of credits that Nicky played on is extensive and exhaustive. He’s one of those players, (like Bruce Hornsby and Randy Newman) who are immediately identifiable. You know when Nicky laid down a piano track. The man was a genius.


Oh Yoko! - John Lennon

We’re big fans of this tune here in 1025. We like to think we’re pretty eclectic.

Also, Nicky Hopkins’ piano is, as always, beautiful. Like Bruce Hornsby, Roy Bittan, or Joe Jackson, his fingers sound like no one else.