Lancia Stratos at the Rally Firestone (1974).

What’s the plural of Stratos? Stratii? Stratoses? 

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First-ever monster truck backflip by Ryan Anderson, son of Grave Digger Dennis Anderson. 

Andy and I sat in front of my computer and watched this clip about ten times in a row this afternoon. Monster trucks are badass. Monster trucks doing backflips are almost incomprehensible.


Between this ad, the excellent Cadillac ad from a few weeks ago, the Corvette ad with the Saturn V rocket, the Jeep ad about building stuff and George Washington in a Challenger scaring the shit out of the British Army, the (mostly) American auto industry (I’m looking at you Chrysler/Fiat) has been putting together some damn good commercials.

For whatever reason, they seem to elicit mixed responses from the public at large. A good number of people think it’s too little too late, that American cars are all garbage, that these ads and the companies they speak for are a waste of American taxpayer dollars. I think those folks are wrong.

If these companies are going to survive and thrive, then some good ol’ American enthusiasm is absolutely called for. If we can’t get ourselves excited about the newest Corvette or Challenger, then who will?

We don’t just build cars, we build Cadillacs. Shit yeah! Let’s go beat up some Europeans with muscle cars! Awesome. My Jeep can go anywhere, and some dude in Detroit put it together. That’s the way it oughta be.

My new Chrysler is badass. Yes. Well, sort of. The idea behind your Chrysler is badass, and that’s all that matters.

Let’s get excited about a (mostly) domestic (again, eyes on Chrysler/Fiat) industry that is still innovating. Let’s get excited about a number of companies that are challenging the rest of the world. Let’s get excited about cool stuff coming out of Detroit.


not that you’re boring martin, but you should grow one. #justsayin

That’s bad news waitin’ to happen. Me with a ‘stache is a bad scene.


Professor W.H. McMillan sits in front of a circus tent (Oakwood, Texas, c. 1910)

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I’m absolutely in love with the school that I go to. The energy that’s on this campus is pretty mind blowing sometimes. Take this, every other college that has ever done a lip dub. Not only is ours prettier… but it’s to Lady GaGa. Tweet #emersonlipdub and let the power of social media be heard!!

What he said.

In middle school when I had super long hair down to my shoulders (why yes, in fact I was a badass) it got straightened one time.

I looked exactly like Charlie from this era. It was uncanny, and a little frightening.

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“The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco, featuring a sample of Modest Mouse’s “Float On”

Turn this one up as loud as you’re able at 1:35 in the morning. If it’s earlier where you are, turn it up louder.

Joe Biden, washing his Trans-Am in the White House driveway.

If this was a thing that actually happened, I think we’d have to seriously reconsider how awesome Vice President Biden is. This would put him firmly off the Cool Chart.


You must appreciate this is commonly a monochrome website - however - WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT SUIT!!
Let’s not mention the snakeskin boots…..

What they said.


“While Jackie Stewart famously abstained from sex a week before a motor race, Hunt would often have sex minutes before climbing into the ­cockpit.”

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