“In 2001, George did a live webchat with the fans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of All Things Must Pass
below is the Yahoo Chat transcript — enjoy!
(live chat with George Feb. 17, 2001)” released the transcript of a live chat with his fans. Here are just some of the things he said to the fans.

Reading this just gave me chills. Feels like a transmission from the great beyond. This is a top shelf chappie who is surely missed: Mr. George Harrison.

We miss you, George.


“The First Snow of the Year” – Jason Anderson 
(Words/music: Jason Anderson, available on Tonight, States Rights 2007) 

Having a new crush can feel like one of those amusement park rides that changes direction frequently.  Every tiny sign of affection causes unparalleled glee, and every mixed message feels like an impossible labyrinth to solve.  In both cases, this new interest starts monopolizing every stray thought and boxing out some of the necessary ones. The final verse in this song phrases it in a way I love:

My buddy calls it Tetris brain 
when you play that game all day 
and at night when you’re going to sleep, 
you close your eyes and see the pieces moving. 

On top of the “Be My Baby” drumbeat, Anderson likens the image of falling blocks to the “phantom cellphone vibration” one experiences when they want the phone to ring.  It’s a beautiful metaphor, right down to the way one might try to “fit all the pieces together” to turn a romantic interest into something more concrete.  Anderson sets the tone throughout the song with warm organ tangled with playful piano.  Lyrically, he keys in on mittened hand holding (coupled with a Joni Mitchell allusions) and spending snowy nights with loved ones.  It’s only in this final verse where he shifts his focus from setting to character; in this instance, it’s the one who has his leg tingling who warms his soul more than a couch, fireplace, or mitten could.  

(As for the snow around here, I’m decidedly less romantic.  It can go away as soon as possible.)

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Sounds more like a bunch of friends having a great time hanging around a roaring, crackling fireplace playing while the snow falls outside than a couple sitting on a couch watching the snow, but what do I know? The tune rocks.