I was supposed to ingest a bunch of photos and video I took all day today and get ‘em online tonight but I got home and had some pizza and a beer and watched the end of the WEC sports car race from Austin and now I really don’t want to do any of it.

Fuckit. It’ll wait until the morning.

Gotta dig a good rock & roll song about a car now and again.


Hey Nineteen
Steely Dan
MCA Records/USA (1980)

Make tonite a wonderful thing.

(via purepopfornowpeople)

I’m still, really, not crying. You’re crying. It’s really dusty in here. There must be a cat nearby (I’m allergic). It’s really windy out. Someone’s chopping onions.

Goat Simulator is out for iDevices and holy shit I’m not getting anything else done today.


In high school (1998-2002) I used to listen to this album on repeat on my Aiwa portable CD player while mowing the lawn. I feel fucking old.

I had some earlier this summer. Nothing to write home about. Tasted a little skunky.

Yeah, it’s not great. But it’s here, and it’s cold, so I’m drinking it and looking at the bottle.

The beer inside is just alright (and of questionable origin) but I can’t get over how cool the packaging is.

You can’t argue with a rad calavera riding a motorcycle.